Coffee Consult

Need help with communications, but not quite ready to take the plunge? Test the waters with a Zoom meeting or a quick call. Ask questions and get personalized advice. No muss. No fuss. No commitment required. 


Custom Communications Strategy & Programs

Our team likes to flex our brains on projects big and small. So, whether you’re a start up, a successful medium-sized business … or are just fed up with traditional agency performance and service, give us a call.


Fresh thinking, served up Surf-style. Share your brief and NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement). You’ll have 20 bracing new ideas in no time. Clients tell us it’s helpful to move brainstorming in new directions. Agency partners rely on us when they’re in a bind.

Communications Coaching

Yep. It’s like a personal trainer to help you flex your communications inspiration. We’re on-call to offer advice and support.  Our team will help you out with emails, memos, blogs, presentations , strategies, difficult conversations, reports, social media/blog posts and more.  Heck, we'll even work out of your office for longer-term assignments. 



CEO Communications Counselling

Are your values and vision being reflected authentically across all your organization’s communications touchstones? Find out with customized communications support.


Crisis Navigation Test

Ready to navigate turbulent waters? Put your crisis preparedness to the test and discover your Surf crisis readiness rating, weakspots and how to improve them.


Corporate Karma

We’ll develop a unique recognition program that’s inspired by your values – and powered by team results and achievement. Includes a turn-key checklist to implement and measure its effectiveness.



Digital & Social Surf

Need a website makeover or a helping hand when it comes to managing your social media communities? Or just want short-term support to help manage team vacations and to get you back on track? Drop us a line and together, we’ll turn the tides and optimize your digital presence.

Lease the Surf Team

When you’re in a bind and the stakes are high, lease our team for short-term and long-term assignments. We’ll work in-house to set clear objectives, mobilize, encourage and coach your team to take care of business. Give us a call, so we can start helping.